At Hope Trust we see each older person as an individual; someone with a lifetime of stories, experiences and skills to share.  However, if a change in circumstances means getting out and about is not as easy as it once was, then we encourage people to take stock and plan the way ahead, one step at a time.  We understand that it takes courage to try new things but we also know that it’s worth it; that’s why we organise a range of activities that help people move from where they are, closer to where they want to be.  To allow everyone to access what we do, our activities are all free of charge.

We also take short Christian services into local residential homes & sheltered housing schemes.  Many who live in these establishments are no longer able to attend their usual place of worship and so they really value being able to sing hymns and share prayers on a regular basis.  Hope Trust also organises Carol Services, celebrates Easter and Harvest with residents and if required, is willing to lead, or have an involvement in, Funeral Services.