Getting the simple stuff - right

When this article was first written (early March) the current crisis we are facing was looming but not yet upon us!  So, we had thought to share around the theme of ‘Getting the simple stuff right.’  At that time Hope Trust had a sign on the door sharing information with people as to what to do during this turbulent, worrying time and the first simple step was ‘Wash your hands with hot water & soap for at least 20 seconds.’  So simple, so easy, literally anyone can do it we wrote – but will they?  We wrote this because, on a recent trip to Ipswich and a well-known café, at least 3 people left the toilets without washing their hands at all!  We ask you, who does that?  Especially at a time like this, never mind the threat of Covid 19, what about simple, personal hygiene?

As always, chatting about these careless actions led us to wonder whether, or not, we get the simple stuff right all, or at least, most of the time.  It’s easy to be polite, but are we?  It’s simple to chat with a neighbour, but will we?  It’s easy to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ but do we?  It’s thoughtful to post kind words on Social Media, but can we be bothered to do that?  It’s right to care for the environment, in whatever small way we can, but do we remember to take that bag for life with us?  It’s simple to support local shops and businesses, but is it easier not to do that?

Here at Hope Trust we are challenged to get the simple stuff right.  To remember people’s names; to answer the phone within 5 rings; to confirm what was talked about when we meet someone for the first time in a follow up letter; to do what we say we will do, in the time frame we’ve talked about; to make sure that someone is always available to open the doors (early) for each and every activity….

And that is where it had to change…….

Following the Government’s advice which has changed things so drastically, here’s our new ending to the article!  For the next 12 weeks we are saying that, whilst we (Paul & Sheila) are working from the office, all events are on hold until we are told it’s safe to meet up again.  Our challenge remains - what can Hope Trust do for older people between now and then?  Well, our Trustees had agreed that we would move to be a friendly voice on the phone, having a regular chat, if folks want us to.  We will also seek to offer practical support through this crisis by hlping people work out how to collect prescriptions or shopping.  We are facing a real challenge as we have to find new ways of making sure older people don’t get too isolated, but for now, perhaps the first step is to give us a call or check out our website.

 To contact Hope Trust and speak to Paul & Sheila Taylor (Pastoral Workers) please ring us on 01394 272592 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website