A recent quote in a newspaper caught our eye, taken from the Spanish Novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes it read:

‘All those squalls to which we have been subjected are signs that the weather will soon improve, and things will go well for us.  Because it is not possible for the bad, or the good, to endure for ever and from this it follows that since the bad has lasted so long, the good is at hand.’

If we had left it at that then all would have been well, we could have shared the quote confident it covered what we felt and utterly unhindered by the context of the story, but, as is so often the case, context is everything and so being keen to know more, we looked into the character of Don Quixote and got a real surprise!  He wasn’t the Zorro of American cinematic experience - a defender of the common people and a champion for justice – oh no, sadly Don Quixote was no hero.

Context is a strange subject, understanding why we do one thing in one situation, and another in a near similar situation is often down to the context in which a decision is made.  Context describes the influence of factors we are considering as well as offering clarification.  In re-reading the quote from Don Quixote we’ve found that he had endless belief in his own version of reality – which others around him did not share at all!  Beaten many times, fighting sheep and windmills, sleep deprived, the character is written with a comedic edge.  Yet the words written speak of hope, whilst acknowledging obstacles, it speaks of the need to challenge, whilst understanding that today’s issues, whilst seemingly insurmountable, may well change tomorrow.

All this seems relevant, to us at least, as the force of this pandemic continues to rage around us.  Will it ever end?  When might life return to the ‘old’ normal, not this new version?  When can I watch the new James Bond film, delayed for so long now; will I finally give in and pay for Netflix or opt for BritBox instead as we spend more and more of our time at home?  Honestly, we’ve no idea!  But what we do know is that even in the midst of Covid-19 we can hold onto hope.  Hope that this too will pass, but something else we have to understand is the way the world is changing, how it is being shaped by this disease, how the context of our lives is changing and may never quite get back to the way it was.  That’s why we see our Tuesday Technology Café as an essential event – it is during those 2 hours every Tuesday between 10-12noon that we try, in our simple way, to help older people understand, discover, make use of and master the technology they possess.  Because one thing is clear, Covid-19 is shaping our world and even when its gone, some things will never be quite the same again, but there is Hope.

If there is anything we can do to help at this time please contact Paul & Sheila (Pastoral Workers) on 01394 272592, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.hopetrust.org.uk