We All Need Hope

 So, January 2021, how are you coping?  As we write we have questions - how do we cope with this third lockdownt?  How is the vaccine roll out going – and perhaps more importantly - where are we on the list of priorities, if at all?  This is the first time in our lifetime that such questions have consumed us at the start of a New Year.  Normally around this time we’d be concerned about families having overspent in the run up to Christmas but, just as the Dictionary people couldn’t come up with one word that summed up 2020 and had to use 16 instead, we find ourselves preoccupied with many concerns, not just one or two.  This, to our minds is not the best way to start a brand-new year!  The solution to all that angst?  Hope. ‘Hope in being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness.’ (Desmond Tutu)

Hope is a tricky thing to define and even trickier to achieve.  There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the hardest years either of us has ever lived through.  Admittedly the panic that we might actually die, as a result of the virus, has eased as we practice the Government’s ‘Hands, Face, Space’ mantra.  We have faced overwhelming uncertainty, we have struggled to work from home, we have really missed the buzz, chemistry and out and out fun that being around the people we work with and serve usually gives us; so how have we coped, how will we cope in this new year?  Well, here is our Plan A, hope it helps.

Reach Out – You are not alone.  Okay, you might be alone in your flat or house but there is a whole group of people around you who want to help.  Hope Trust is one, but so is Walton Parish Nursing, ActivLives, the CAB, Felixstowe Volunteer Centre, local churches and Foodbanks, to name but a few.  All you simply need to do is reach out and make some more, new and meaningful connections.

Express Gratitude – It may not be easy, but try to find one, two or more things to be grateful for.  It could be a dry day!  It might be finding something on Lidl’s shelves that has been out of stock for a few weeks.  Take strength from what is good around you and say thank you.

Be Kind – we talked about this a bit last month, but we know being kind feels good and does you good!  Being kind can stop you worrying about your problems for a time and can make a huge difference to someone else who may also be struggling.

Engage – Whilst we know we can’t control everything; we can control some things.  So, focus on the things you can change for the better, no matter how small and work with what you have.  That could be coming along to a Hope Trust event, attending an exercise class, volunteering, be willing to serve in your community as a School Governor or Parish Councillor, you name it there is always something that needs to be done, question is, are you the person to do it?

So, as we wish you all a Happy New Year, we know there are things to be hopeful about and if we can help at all, then please reach out.  Perhaps we’ll meet you soon - Paul & Sheila (Pastoral Workers) for Hope Trust.  We can be reached on 01394 272592, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.hopetrust.org.uk