Roses are amazing flowers - or is it just us that think that?!  Our ‘Silver Wedding Anniversary’ rose has survived our tender care for over 17 years – we are not enthusiastic gardeners, so we think it says more about the ability of the rose to survive than our ability to tend it!  This year, the rose bush has grown, developed new shoots upon which now sit many amazing, soon to bloom, flower buds.  As we walked past it the other day, we were struck by how plentiful the flowers were, and so we took a picture of one.  It was only when we looked closer at the picture, we noticed the small black creature lurking at the bottom of the petals.  We have no idea whether this creature was harmless, perhaps just taking a well-earned rest, or whether it would turn into one of those pests that the famous gardener Monty Don talks about, which will eventually kill the whole plant!  Time will tell.

The discussion we had about the rose bush gave us time to reflect on quite a few simple home truths.  Firstly, we realise that, despite all that has happened since the Coronavirus struck, our lives have, thankfully, carried on, but that is not true for everyone we know.  With our own recent losses, as well as those that have affected us in our working life with Hope Trust, some significant life stories have come to an end.  Managing the grief that such a truth brings us is quite tough, but we know from delivering our Bereavement Support Group, that loss, however profound, can be navigated well.  Bringing this hope to others who have recently experienced their own sense of loss is why we are already booking in the dates for our Autumn Bereavement Support Group, with the introduction taking place on Saturday 2nd October, at 10.30am.

Secondly, at first glance the flower looked perfect.  Predominantly white with just a tinge of pink at the edges, it looks amazing now, but we know that in a few days or so the petals will drop, the beauty fade.  This reminded us that we are not getting any younger!  Things we could do easily just a few years ago now seem like unwelcome tasks – travelling down the M1 on a busy Monday reminded us of that.  Perhaps that’s why, here at Hope Trust, we are always looking for new and improved ways to help older people maintain the kind of life they want to live for as long as possible.

The last observation was around the presence of that little black creature nestling in the petals.  Whether it’s harmless, or deadly, we reflected on how it seems there is always something lurking, waiting in the wings to try and (potentially) derail our plans.  It’s why organisations such as Hope Trust exist, we are here to help older people when the sun shines and when it doesn’t, when life is going well and when it isn’t, when plans come to fruition and when they don’t.

So, if we can help please call us - Paul & Sheila Taylor (Pastoral Workers) - on 01394 272592, mobile: 07845 202 112 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website it will be good to meet you.