All Change Becomes Routine With Time

 Do you like change?  Two of us work in the office at Hope Trust and one person likes change - embraces it even - the other hates it and wants to resist it at all costs!  What we both know to be true is that change happens, always has, always will.  It’s a topic we’ve covered several times over the years we’ve written about the work of Hope Trust and yet, this whole topic is not easy, because if it was, we’d all know exactly how to get through changes that sometimes we know must take place as well as changes we really wish could be avoided at all costs.

Take driving for instance – we are both in our early 60’s and so we are starting to ask ourselves whether, or not, we will move to driving an electric car.  Sure, we could park our car on a driveway and hook it into a charging point without trailing cables over the pavement or, as we heard from one person, out over their flat balcony and down 2 floors to their car, but will we?  Where will our confidence come from, on a long journey to see family, that we will get to a charging point just when we need it and not be stuck in a queue on the M25 as the battery slowly discharges?

Take technology as another example – just how long will we be willing to create yet another account, come up with yet another password (that some young hacker could probably break in seconds) or even attempt to read the extremely long terms & conditions we must agree to before we can move on?  And that’s before we get to the question of accepting or otherwise ‘Cookies’ on each website - repeatedly!

Before this descends into a Grumpy tirade, it’s good to remind ourselves of a few known realities:

  • Be resilient, when we have no power over change, ask yourself ‘What can I do about this?’ Having a modicum of self-control always makes you feel better!
  • When things change, be kind to yourself, seek support if you need help.
  • Watch what you think – life is rarely black and white, remember change you’ve navigated in the past and be encouraged that if you got through those changes, you will probably manage what’s on the horizon as well, with or without support.
  • Remember what’s important to you – life is too short to waste time and energy on things that perhaps don’t matter or will change anyway - whatever you say or do.

Here at Hope Trust the charity is about to embark on the next exciting phase of its young charitable life.  The birthing, baby days are behind us, the toddler phase has been navigated well, now we are in the next growth spurt, this is both fantastic and scary all at once, but we will heed our own advice and, as people of faith, pray a bit too!  We’ll share more next month, but until then we are - Paul & Sheila Taylor and we are Pastoral Workers for Hope Trust – you can reach us on T: 01394 272592, M: 07845 202 112 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can visit our website however you choose to do it, it will be good to speak with you, we are here to help.