Do you have a favourite flower? A rose, sweet peas, cosmos or lilies? I love all of these but I really love daffodils. They don't have the wonderful scent of roses or sweet peas or the bluster of lilies, or the delicate foliage of cosmos but they really lift my spirits and make me smile. Seeing them poke up through the ground or lawn with such bold determination is just great, they are not put off by the cold or rain and seem to beckon the sun to shine.

Apparently, daffodils were brought to Britain by the Romans, legend says they are associated with cheerfulness and should always be given in a bunch.  There are more than 200 species of them. Here they symbolise new beginnings and friendship.

They are also meaningful in other countries: in China, they symbolise good fortune and are the official new year symbol; In Japan, the daffodil means joy and in France, they are a sign of hope.

Take the time to have a closer look next time you see some daffodils and see if they lift your spirits, bring a smile to your face or promise hope for a new season.

If you are facing a new beginning, perhaps not of your choice, or are looking for friendship, why not come and see us at one of our regular activities, you will receive a warm welcome, smiling faces and some joy and hope!!

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager