I have recently become a little obsessed with a daily online connection challenge. You have 16 words, and you have to put them in four groups of four words that have something in common. Sometimes they are easy and sometimes they are much harder and sometimes impossible for me, at least without a clue from my husband!

I definitely think it's good for my brain to have a little workout and a bit of a challenge, as long as it's not too frustrating. But the name 'connections' got me thinking about how we connect with others in everyday life.

People are brought together because of something they love like Scrabble, or something they have lost, like a beloved spouse. It is sometimes the music they love or a new hobby they start. 

If you are looking in from the outside you would not guess there is a connection at all as they may appear very different, but something has brought them together and friendships have grown. 

It's so easy to make incorrect assumptions about people who appear to be different from us. It's only when we lean in that we discover that we are all imperfect human beings that need other people in our lives to connect with.

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager