We are delighted to report that we plan to re-open for the Tech Cafe on Tuesday December 8th, 10am - 12noon.  That will be followed by our usual Wednesday activity, on Decmber 9th, here at Maidstone Hall, again between 10am-12noon.  We expect to use the Old Felixstowe Community Association building on Thursday 10th December as normal, but we are waiting for their Trustees to confirm this arrangement.  We will, of course, continue to practice Covid secure good practice - the gloves, masks, thermometer, hand sanitiser and 1m+ stick are at the ready!

However, for anyone who has need for a cheery phone call, email, video chat or card, rather than coming out and joining us, then we remain willing to help.  Just get in touch and we will find the best way to communicate with you.

Paul & Sheila Taylor - Pastoral Workers 27th November 2020